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Top 5 Mobile Apps For STUDENTS!

Smartphones have become necessities. We carry it everywhere: to work, to school, to go downstairs to dabao food, even to the toilet. Smartphones have served their purposes really well, but what if there we made some tweaks and upgrades that can better enhance our lifestyle? Students, read on.


You may remember this app from my previous blog post on how to study SMART (go have a read if you haven't)! For those who still don't know about this revolutionary app, Notion is a platform that offers a variety of planning templates for your convenience. In fact, the templates are very extensive and easy to use! With a few clicks, you can easily create a calendar format to plan your weekly schedule. Want to create a to-do list? Notion has a built-in to-do list format at your disposal, embezzled with a wide array of spaces for you to customise and decorate to your aesthetic! BTW, it's free.


This phone app lets you build your very own forest. Simply set a timer for a purpose (it can range from finishing assignments to downtime away from the phone) and focus on your task at hand. After the timer runs out, a brand new tree is planted in your green terrain. You also get coins after each timer that can be used to purchase unique trees to spice up your forest! IOS friends, this app unfortunately requires money on the App Store. Perhaps the next item on the list would be a better fit!

Study Bunny

Rejoice nerds, here's another timer app at your disposal! This app features a grey fuzzy bunny as it's centerfold, where each completed timer rewards you with coins that can be spent on your bunny. You can buy clothes, food, and even room furniture to spoil your virtual pet as much as you want! However, if you don't log in to the app frequently, your bunny will get sad and lonely. Be sure to be consistent with your work to keep your bunny content and happy!


Need a last minute revision before your exam? Quizlet to the rescue! Making flashcards have always been an effective way to revise key content, and it has never been easier. This app lets you create virtual flashcards that can be accessed anywhere; on the bus, MRT, and even on the toilet bowl (as long as you have WIFI)! Lazy to read? Quizlet has an audio function that narrates your content for you. While some features of the app require payment, the basic app is plenty enough to make handy flashcards.

Fortune City

Don't be fooled by it's colourful happy exterior. Fortune City is in fact not a game! It certainly makes money fun to track though. This app has two main categories for money: income and expenditure. There are already built-in labels for your usage, so you just need to tap on your desired label and key in the amount. Once recorded, a building will pop up on your map, so the more you track, the larger your city!

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