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Getting a Tutor from Lumie Lessons

1. How do I request for a tutor?

Our process in requesting a tutor is free of charge and fuss-free.
There are multiple ways to engage a tutor from us as detailed in the following:

1. Fill up our request for tutor form here
2. Whatsapp us @ +65 8316 6762
3. Give us a call @ +65 8316 6762

2. What happens after requesting for a tutor?

  • Upon receiving your request, we will vet through our current selection of tutors to find the most suitable tutor for your child based on your preferences and your child’s learning style. Our coordinators will then send you several tutor profiles (including information such as their teaching experiences and teaching methodology) for you to choose from via Whatsapp. Given that we want the best tutor for your child, feel free to ask for more information about the tutors’ teaching background and our coordinators will help to gather these details for you or we can help to schedule a phone call for you to chat directly with the tutor.  

  • If the tutor profiles provided are not to your liking, fret not, we will send new tutor profiles for your consideration.

  • After you have decided to engage any of the tutors, we will arrange a trial lesson for you which will commence either online or in-person, to assess if you would like to continue lessons with the tutor for subsequent lessons.

3. What types of tutors does Lumie Lessons offer and which type of tutor will be the best fit for my child?

  • We provide 3 types of tutors: Part-time, Full-time and Current MOE/Ex-MOE tutors. 


  • Part-time tutors are typically undergraduates or working adults who teach in their spare time, and hence tutoring is their part-time job. Given that most of them are currently schooling, they are better able to understand the stresses your child faces in school and hence parents choose to engage them to better relate to their child and to make lessons fun and interesting! Their rates are also one of the lowest in the market, but that does not indicate their teaching competency as all of them have at least 1 year of tutoring experience and have proven track records.


  • Full-time tutors are tutors who pursue teaching as their career. Given that teaching is their day-to-day job, they are more experienced and they are more familiar with the MOE syllabus as well. Their qualifications and experience allows them to call for higher rates, paired with a promise of their ability to guide your child.

  • Current/Ex-MOE tutors are teachers who have obtained a National Institute of Education (NIE) certificate and are currently teaching or previously taught in a MOE-certified school. Given their knowledge of Cambridge marking schemes and being well versed with the MOE Syllabus, their rates are one of the highest in the market. 

4. Does Lumie Lessons provide trial lessons and what types are available?

Yes, we provide trial lessons as we want to ensure that the chosen tutor is able to complement your child’s learning style and form a connection with your child.


We offer 2 types of trial lessons for you to choose from:

  • 30 minutes unpaid online trial lesson that will be held on Zoom

  • 1 hour paid face-to-face trial lesson, where the tutor will travel to your house to teach. The trial lesson’s fees will be based on the tutors’ quoted rate and will be paid directly to the tutor.

5.  What if I do not find the tutor suitable for me? 


With a guaranteed trial lesson arranged for you, it is in our best effort to mitigate the possibility of matching you with a non-suitable tutor. Our data shows that 90% of parents who had a trial lesson with our tutors chose to engage these tutors for subsequent lessons. 


After the trial lesson has been conducted:


However, in the event that the chosen tutor is found not suitable, we will immediately send new tutor profiles for your consideration with no charges incurred. Given that we better understand your desired tutor profiles, you can rest assured that the next batch of tutor profiles sent will be catered to your preferences. Once you have chosen the new tutor to engage with, we will arrange a trial lesson for you, keeping in mind the type of trial lesson you want as well as day and time that was previously provided. 

After at least one official lesson has been conducted:


In the unfortunate case that you choose not to continue lessons with the tutor, we will likewise send new tutor profiles for you to choose from. However, do note that the payment procedure for the lessons conducted will differ based on the number of lessons completed. 


1. Less than 2 lessons conducted:

Payment for the lessons will be transferred to Lumie Lessons directly via Paylah/Paynow to mobile number +65 87804517. Kindly send us a screenshot via Whatsapp once payment has been made. 

2. More than 2 lessons conducted:

At Lumie, we only collect a one-time commission fee of the first 2 lessons’ payment. Hence, once more than 2 lessons have been conducted, payment for subsequent lessons will be transferred directly to the tutor.

6. Can tutors under Lumie be trusted?

Since we have your child’s education at the heart of our interest, Lumie Lessons take pride in recommending only experienced and committed tutors, who have at least one year of teaching experience and are dedicated to teaching for at least 6 months. At Lumie Lessons, we conduct thorough background checks on our tutors’ profiles and perform verification of their stated qualifications. Given our desire to provide only high-quality tutors, we immediately blacklist tutors who fail to agree to our terms and conditions and whose credentials fail to be supported.

7. Does Lumie Lessons charge agency fees?

We do not charge any agency fees from Clients (parents and students). Our services are completely free-of-charge for Clients and there are no hidden costs attached. We only collect a one-time commission fee of the tutor’s fees for the first 2 official lessons’ payment after the lessons have been conducted. This means that instead of paying the tutor directly for the first 4 lessons, payment for the first 2 lessons will be made to us directly via Paylah/Paynow to mobile number +65 8780 4517. From the 3rd official lesson onwards, payment will be made to the tutor directly and you can liaise with the tutor on the preferred payment method. 

8. Where are lessons held?

Typically, lessons are held at your home, as we understand that you would want your child to learn at the comfort of their own home, without having to worry about traveling time and costs. In the event that the home environment may not be conducive for learning to take place, you can opt for lessons to be held online,thus allowing your child to learn anywhere whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits of having a 1-to-1 home tuition.

9. Can I reschedule the date and time of lessons?

Yes, we understand that there are times where rescheduling is necessary. For rescheduling of trial lessons, kindly inform us or the tutor at least 24 hours in advance. As for subsequent lessons, kindly liaise with the tutor on the next available date and time for lessons. 

Ready to engage a good home tutor for your child?

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