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Sleep is a fickle thing. Too little sleep will make you feel awfully tired, and too much sleep will result in exhaustion and lethargy. While most of us are painfully aware of the "ideal sleep duration", we rarely stick by it. Here are some tips to wake up refreshed and energised!


Tip 1. Downtime

Did you know that your phone emits blue light? Oh, you do? Alright, then did you know that blue light restrains the production of melatonin i.e. the hormone that controls your sleep cycle? Yes, using your phone before bed does in fact make it harder for you to sleep. So what can you do about it?

Stop using your phone (or iPad) before bed, duh. If you want quality sleep, it would be best to plan a 1-hour downtime prior to bedtime. During that period, you should strive to be completely offline; read a book, write a diary entry, or simply spend some quality time with family.

Tip 2. Plan Your Sleep Schedule

Did you know that sleep cycles have a duration? Well, now you do. According to The Sleep Charity, each sleep cycle lasts around one and a half hours. In order for us to wake up well-rested, we will have had to complete five or 6 sleep cycles (which rounds up to be around eight hours of sleep)!

BTW, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, aka the stage where you start to dream

Lazy to plan your sleep schedule? Simply access this online Sleep Calculator.

Tip 3. Lead An Active Lifestyle

Ever wondered why you just can't fall asleep at night? The reason is simple: you are not tired enough. The solution? Do as much as you can in the day! Sports and exercises are great way to expend energy, and if you don't feel like playing an intense match of basketball, solo walking and jogging will do the trick as well.

Want to sleep well? Go jio your friends to play badminton now!

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