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MUST KNOW Student Food Deals

Updated: May 12

Our orange and blue EZ-Link cards are more useful than you think. Here is a compiled list of student-exclusive food deals that you cannot miss out!

Hot Tomato

Craving western food after school? Head down to your nearest Hot Tomato! The restaurant serves a wide array of western cuisine, ranging from the classic Chicken Chop to pasta. On weekdays from 11:00am t0 5.30pm, students who flash their student concessions enjoy a huge mark down on prices! Prices range from $10.50 to $14.50 nett per meal which includes a main and a drink.


Pizza Hut

A family favourite, Pizza Hut offers a striking discount of $5.90++ for a personal pan pizza and free-flow soft drink on weekdays from 11am to 5pm! Don't want to get your hands dirty? The set offers pasta as well to satisfy your noodle desire. P.S. We really love the Trio Cheese Penne!



Craving pasta? Go to Pastamania! Students get to enjoy a discount when they dine in on weekdays from opening till 6pm. Pasta has never been this affordable (only $5.90++ ala carte)! Want to customise your own pasta? Pastamania also offers a Build Your Own Pasta menu where you can choose the pasta and sauce!



Who doesn't love bubble tea? Bober has a special promotion just for students; on weekdays, bubble tea is only $2 a cup! You can choose from 3 flavours, the classic Pearl Milk Tea, the refreshing Grapefruit Green Tea, and the sweet and nutty Nutella Shake.


Gong Cha

Here's another bubble tea deal on the list! Hailing from Taiwan, Gong Cha is a bubble tea shop that serves premium tea and drinks. On weekdays from 1-5pm, students can enjoy a cup of Pearl Milk Tea (M) at only $1.90!



Yet another classic milk tea brand that we all recognise! Liho prides itself as a homegrown bubble tea brand with unique specialty flavours (like, who would have thought Red Bull and bubble tea could go well together?) and more importantly, their dirt-cheap prices. What's more, members can get a cup of Golden Pearl Milk Tea for just $2, any day, any time! Lactose intolerant? The promotion also extends to the Lemon Melon Tea, a refreshing concoction of zesty lemon and fragrant wintermelon. P.S. membership is free.


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