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Lumie Lessons on-demand tutoring

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does on-demand online tuition work?

You are able to choose amongst 3 different durations: 10 mins, 20 mins or 30 mins.
You are also able to choose amongst 3 different types of tutors: Part-time, Full-time or MOE.
Submit your application here and wait for up to 30 mins to receive a confirmation on whatsapp. If you do not receive any confirmation message within 30 mins, it means that there are no available tutors at this particular time. You may leave the lesson before the time is up if you feel that your problem has been solved. You will still be charged for the full duration you have opted for. 


2. How can I be sure Lumie tutors are good?

We screen every tutor’s profile before allowing them to take on the assignment. Even our part-time tutors have at least 1 year of tutoring experience. We have helped over 10,000 parents so we know what is required in order to provide the best possible help.


3. What are the choices of tutors?

Choose one of the following: Part-time, Full-time or MOE tutor.


4. How does payment work?

After the lesson, paylah/paynow the session’s fees to our company via an instruction that will be sent to you on whatsapp.


5. What is the pricing?


  • Primary = $10 per 10 mins

  • Secondary = $12 per 10 mins

  • JC = $14 per 10 mins 


  • Primary = $12 per 10 mins

  • Secondary = $14 per 10 mins

  • JC = $16 per 10 mins


  • Primary = $15 per 10 mins

  • Secondary = $18 per 10 mins

  • JC = $20 per 10 mins


6. What platform should I use?

All lessons will be conducted on the Zoom platform. The tutor will contact you on whatsapp to send you the zoom link prior to the session.


7. What will happen if the tutor does not turn up?

If the tutor does not turn up for the session, you will not be required to pay any amount. Please send feedback to us via whatsapp and our team will take necessary actions.


8. Can I extend the lesson if it exceeds?

Yes, any extra time will be charged based on the rate of the tutor per 10 mins.
For example: you engage a part-time tutor for Primary school Maths for 10 mins but would like to extend for 5 mins during the session. In total, the session lasted 15 mins but you will be charged for 20 mins. 


9. If I want to engage the tutor for long-term lessons, how do I go about doing it?

We get it. You like the tutor and wish to engage them for more lessons. After the session, let us know on whatsapp and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

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