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How To Use Google Calendar To Help You Revise Better

Ever since Primary school, I have always found it extremely difficult to stay on task and organised. I would always attribute this to the fact that I have ADHD but that’s no excuse to not try and get my life structured.

I am now studying in my 2nd year of University and I run this company in my free time. People just assume that I’m busy as heck, with no time for any sort of joys of life. That is not true. The most life-changing tool I have ever used to organise my life is Google Calendar. In this article, I will be sharing the 3 steps that I follow at the start of every term in order to get my academics in check.

Step 1. Estimate the amount time required for revision

For an accurate demonstration, I will be assuming that I am a Secondary 4 Express student taking the O levels this year.

I have shared an example above of how I estimate the amount of time required for each of my subjects/modules. I start by looking at the number of subjects I have for the term and then rank them according to how confident I am of each subject. I do this so I won’t be spending the same amount of time studying for my strongest subject as compared to my weakest subject.

Another tip for estimating the amount of time required for each subject is to take into account the usual amount of homework given. For example, a subject like Math would normally have lots of homework, hence we should allocate more time for the subject,

Once we have estimated the time required for each subject’s revision, we can move on to step 2.

Step 2. Colour code each subject

This is the easiest and most fun step. We get to colour code the subjects to our liking! This step is important because Google calendar allows to separate each activity on our calendar through different colours. It makes viewing our tasks for the week much more enjoyable.

Step 3. Input into Google Calendar

As you can see on the above example, I have colour coded each subject. This makes my entire calendar a lot more user-friendly as I can immediately know what I have to do today. I also make sure that I have enough time for things such as commuting to and from school, food, rest, etc.

We just have to make sure we completely fill out our estimated duration for each subject. Remember to take into account that we probably cannot focus on one subject for too long at a go. I generally follow the rule of thumb that I can’t focus for more than 2 hours per subject In a single day. After 2 hours, I will have to switch subject in order to get a breath of fresh air.

Google calendar also allows you to customise each task to repeat over the weeks. That way, you just have to set it once and the schedule will be fixed in the calendar.

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